More Positive Feedback about Linehan College Counseling!

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From Linehan College Counseling Clients:

-It has been wonderful working with you! You made this college search an easier process; it was certainly daunting in the beginning. You were always so positive and our daughter really responded to you! You tauhappy_smiley_face_graduate_graduation_postcard-re9db35ea9756494e8b1ed50441b5dbf2_vgbaq_8byvr_324ght her to really believe and push herself. I can’t wait to tell you what she decides! I really feel like you became part of the family!!

-Their college writing class teacher loved both of their essays!

-Thank you for the meeting yesterday, it was pleasure meeting with you. We received a great deal of information, which will be helpful throughout the process. We will be working on the items you suggested.   We look forward to our next meeting.

-Thank you!  It was so great!!  Our daughter is so excited as are we!!

-I appreciate you taking the time to go through all of my ideas and consolidating them to form different themes… You are awesome!!

-Hi Kelly ! Thank you very much for making this summary for us. Definitely will help us stay organized.

-Thanks for all of these helpful tips.  I’m printing out a copy for my records.

-Thank you for your time on Tuesday.  My son was very enthusiastic when he told his dad about the session.

-Thanks so much Kelly you are the best!!!

Recent Comments from Parents and Students Attending Linehan College Counseling Presentations:

-Your presentation was so helpful.  This is my third time going through the college search and I learned so many little helpful tips.  We went to a college visit today and I was able to understand a lot more than I did before.

 -The nuanced aspects of the application process were most helpful- the insight into merit-based aid and how to identify potential recommendation writers.

-Students need this!  Got me thinking of all things college- very informative.

-It was an “eye opener” to my future, but did not make me feel stressed.  Very good presentation.  You could start a high school tour and share your presentation with other students!  It helped me a lot!

-Thanks so much, just what I needed to get started in the right direction! Very informative.

-I liked the inclusiveness of all topics- they were tied together very well. Really helpful!

-Excellent session!

-Great information – I really appreciated attending tonight.

-That was a great presentation last night. You really packed a lot into that hour!

-Thank you very much, Kelly! You’ve opened my eyes to some new information.  It was a pleasure meeting with you.

-Thanks so much for your time this evening. My daughter agrees that it was very helpful.

-Thanks, Kelly. I think I’m going to have to hire you! 🙂

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  1. Kelly thank you for your advice when my son was trying to decide between his last two college choices. He is very happy with the decision he made to go to UB. Thanks for all of your good feedback!

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