Some Positive Feedback on my recent “College Success Without the Stress” Workshops

From Hudson Valley Community College Attendees:

-Ms. Linehan is calm yet enthusiastic in her speech/presentation.  It was easy to follow her flow.

-Very informative

-Good overview/not scary!

-Excellent, practical

-Entertaining and well rehearsed

-Very comprehensive- great presentation.  Very happy we took this course!

-Ability to ask questions in a light-hearted atmosphere.

-She had unique views on college applications and it gave me a good idea on the process.

-Lots of info. and great grasp of trends.

-Kelly gave very good specific examples.

From Niskayuna High School Attendees:

-Thank you!  This is a great start for 10th graders and parents.

-Thank you!  This was a wonderful overview of process.  I appreciate the specifics.

-A lot of info., packed into a short amount of time.

-Thank you very much.  Great overview and lots to think about for the (near) future.

-It was a very well done presentation.  I toured Marist the other day and loved it so I really appreciated your helpful information about shadowing students to make a good impression.  Thank you very much!

-Very helpful- our eldest is a freshman and I learned quite a bit tonight!


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