Do your college search and applications the right way.


The college application process is challenging. Many factors must be considered to find the school that makes academic, lifestyle and financial sense for each unique student.  My goal is to guide you through the process and help to find the right school for you:  the one where you will be happy, be able to successfully study what interests you, and that your family can afford!

Undergraduate degrees can be very expensive; for many families, higher education costs and loans become the biggest bill that they will ever face.  Freshman year alone can range from “free” to more than $50,000, depending upon aid and scholarships.  Such an important financial decision must be carefully considered in order to find the right fit for each unique individual.

Finding the right college is not easy, but it is much easier when you have a guide through the process.  Guidance counselors are wonderful resources, but one individual counselor may be responsible for hundreds of students.  I will focus specifically on you and your college needs and provide tips on the latest trends in admissions to help your application stand out. 

By May 1st of your senior year, College Decision Day, you will have accepted an offer from the college you will attend.  I want that day to be one of the best days of your life:  filled with smiles, congratulations and excitement about more future success.  Let’s start working together towards that goal!  Contact me at 518-727-5695 for a free phone consultation or at

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