Some options that I offer to help guide you through the college selection and application process:


How do I even start?   2-hour session, students in grades 9-12: 

Review of high school record, course rigor suggestions, activities/resume building, choosing teachers for recommendation letters, which standardized tests to take and when, using the Naviance system, the start of online research and suggestions for a first campus tour experience.

How can I make a list of schools?  2 separate sessions of 2 hours each, for students in grades 11 and 12:

Session 1:  Prioritize what you are looking for in a college, personality/skills analysis, public vs. private colleges, early decision vs. early action, merit aid vs. financial aid, start a list of potential colleges and begin focused research on those colleges.

Session 2:  Compare several lists of schools we have made and analyze their pros and cons, create a shorter list of “likely, target and reach schools” to research further, plan campus visits, tour questions, and learn how to get the most information out of a campus visit.

The Application Process: 2 separate sessions of 2 hours each, students finishing grade 11 and in grade 12:

Session 1:  The Common Application: introduction to the “Common App” used by most colleges for the electronic application process along with a discussion of which essay prompts would be most appropriate to use for the application, begin to work on the application and/or essay.

Session 2:  College essay review and critique, assessment of the draft version of the Common Application, including how to best prioritize extra curricular activities and course listings.  Work on other (non Common App) colleges, supplementary essays.

Getting Real:  The Final List!  1 or 2 hour session, for grade 12:

Review of all materials for submission, double-check for supplementary materials required by some schools.  Discussion of further action to be taken:  last minute college possibilities, extra recommendations, visits and interviews, retaking standardized exams if timing still allows.

Evaluating the Offers:  1 or 2 hour session, for grade 12:

Discussion of the pros and cons of each acceptance, financial aid and merit scholarship granted, honors programs, wait lists, and other unique factors.

Anything else you may need to help with the college admissions process: I am available on an as needed basis as well, and provide frequent email, text and phone responses to any questions you may have during the application process.

Contact me at 518-727-5695 for a free phone consultation or

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